HBBTV Software

HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) is a European digital TV standard, but has become a global initiative in the last 5 years. It brings together elements of many other standards and existing web technologies (such as OIPF, CEA, WC3 and DVB) to harmonise the delivery of broadcast and broadband content to consumers.

Through a hybrid IPTV set-top box, HbbTV software enables consumers to access new broadcaster services including catch-up TV, video on demand (VoD), interactive advertising, voting, games, and social networking, as well as programme-related services such as digital text and EPGs.

HbbTV European Adoption

Germany launched HbbTV at the end of 2009 and initially led the way, with many of the satellite operators generating ‘live’ applications. HbbTV then became available in the majority of DVB broadcasting networks in Germany, with these services also in regular operation in France and Spain. Since then, there’s been a lot of progress and has really taken off in Central and Eastern Europe.

Example HbbTV Application User Interfaces

Example HbbTV Application User Interfaces

Polish public broadcaster TVP began its HbbTV activities just prior to Euro 2012 and has since launched apps for other sporting events, such as the London Olympic Games and the World Cup.  Neighbouring countries including the Czech Republic and Slovakia have made similar progress in pioneering apps for the World Cup and other sporting events. HbbTV is also gaining interest outside of Europe, including Australia, South-East Asia, Africa and America. In Australia, Freeview has formally launched HbbTV under its licensed name ‘Freeview Plus’.

OBS’ HbbTV Software Offering

OBS is an active supporter of HbbTV and has incorporated HbbTV extensions to provide the following components for integration into third-party HbbTV browsers:

  • Sunrise DVB stack to receive digital broadcast
  • DSM-CC for broadcast transmission of applications
  • HbbTV 1.5 compliant browser

The Benefits of Choosing OBS’ HbbTV Software

OBS Sunrise DVB core is mature, robust and has been well-deployed in hybrid solutions. All OBS software products are hardware and operating system agnostic, with a well-defined and mature API. The software allows for easy porting onto client hardware or third party software.

Total HBBTV Solution

The OBS HbbTV module is designed to be browser independent and will upgrade the majority of browsers to become HbbTV compliant. The solution has been proven with Qt, Webkit and several other available browsers. Contact us for further information about the optimal choice of browser.