Sunrise is OBS’ market-proven DVB stack, offering Free to Air (FTA) and Pay-per-View (PPV) functionality, which has been deployed in a wide range of TV and Set Top Box products worldwide. Developed to be standards compliant (DVB, D-book, Nordig) and written in ANSI C programming language, Sunrise is modular, hardware agnostic and comprises all the elements needed for DTV devices for satellite, terrestrial and cable markets.

Sunrise has a flexible hardware, OS abstraction, and application/UI interfaces which means the same core can be used as the basis of a full range of DVB enabled products, from low-end RTOS based Zappers, through to higher-end Linux based DVRs, or full-blown Android™ systems. Being able to use the same core DVB software across a range of products can help with the economy of scale, decrease the time to market, and reduce maintenance overheads.

DVB-T (Terrestrial)

Terrestrial (Sunrise DVB-T, DVB-T2)

DVB-S (Satellite)

Satellite (Sunrise DVB-S, DVB-S2)


Cable (Sunrise DVB-C)


Sunrise provides comprehensive support for DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2 and DVB-C digital TV (either in isolation or as a combination)  for simple zapper and time-shift/DVR enabled applications. Sunrise offers support for all standard DVB SI tables/descriptors, 7-day EPG, subtitles, and Teletext decoding. In addition, Sunrise can be used to provide simple single tuner USB time-shift, or more complex multi-tuner DVR capabilities complete with clash management, and has been developed to be compliant with the Freeview Plus HD™ standard.

Sunrise has well-defined interfaces for Conditional Access (CA) and CI Plus modules and is compatible with OBS’s CI Plus Host software stack. For CA systems, Sunrise is compatible with a range of marketing leading solutions.


H.264 and MPEG-4

MPEG-4 and H.264

Memory Efficient

Memory Efficient

Multi-Standard Tuner

Multi-Standard Tuner


CA / CI+ Compatible

PVR Icon

Timeshift and PVR support

RTOS --> Linux --> Android

Platform Independent

In addition to those features listed above Sunrise is also supporting Over-The-Air (OTA) software updates and is fully compatible with DVB SSU simple profile.

DVB Infrastructure

This diagram outlines the DVB infrastructure


Our expert team have over 40 years of experience between them in creating and developing DVB solutions; we deployed large quantities of our DVB solution globally over the past 15 years that we have been in the industry, and can provide a range of design, development, integration, support and consultancy services to help bring your DVB product to market.

Custom SI Handling

Specific Operators or certain geographic regions often make use of customer SI tables and descriptors in their broadcasts. Sunrise is well positioned to cope with such requirements and has a plug-in architecture which enables the core SI handling engine to be extended to process customer descriptors and tables. Using a plug-in based approach provides the flexibility required whilst ensuring that the core SI handling for common tables and descriptors remains stable.


Sunrise is based on the DTVKit shared source community DVB stack, DVBCore. OBS is one of the founding members of DTVKit, and donated the original code base. Since its formation 5 years ago, the DTVKit community has expanded and now includes over 15 members consisting of Silicon vendors, TV and STB OEMs, and Operators. Members actively contribute to the development of the shared source components, enhancing their features, improving standards compliance and robustness.

OBS employs that latest stable DTVKit DVBCore version for its Sunrise releases, providing the most up-to-date features are available to our customers. In addition, OBS ensures the Sunrise release is tailored to any specific hardware and broadcast (regional and Operator) requirements a customer may have and performs in-depth testing on the actual target hardware platforms. OBS is also able to pre-integrate the Sunrise stack with any other DTVKit kit software components that are required, e.g. MHEG-5 engine, CI+.

DVB Infrastructure


Sunrise has a well-defined API for interfacing with a native UI,  for simple monolithic low-end systems. A complete customisable native, low footprint, reference UI implemented in ‘C’ is also available. For more complex multi-process based systems an RPC wrapper has been developed which enables Sunrise to communicate with other parts of the system including a browser-based UI or similar. The RPC wrapper is agnostic to the underlying communication protocol and can be used with DBus, Websockets, or Binder (Android) based protocols.

Platform Support

Sunrise’s origins are in the low end, resource constrained, RTOS based platforms, and as such has a highly efficient RAM/ROM footprint. Overtime Sunrise has been enhanced to be useable as a component in multi-process Linux environments, and more recently as an Android service.

In terms of hardware platforms, Sunrise has a well defined porting layer that is readily tailored to a given silicon platform vendors’ API. Over the years Sunrise has been ported to a range of silicon chipsets including, but not limited to: Mstar, Trident/Entropic, ST, Broadcom, HiSilicon, AMLogic and Montage.

Android Rocket


Our expert team have over 40 years of experience between them in creating and developing DVB solutions; we deployed large quantities of our DVB solution globally over the past 15 years that we have been in the industry, and can provide you and your end user with a whole host of benefits.  Our solution is compatible with significant standards, which includes DVB, DTG D-Book and Nordig.

Compliant with major standards

Compliant with Major Standards

Our solution has been crafted and developed to ensure that it is compliant with major standards; this includes DVB, DTG D-Book and Nordig.

OBS are the DVB Experts

Expert Knowledge

With over 20 years of technical, commercial and operational expertise in the digital television industry, we have helped to support many customers to provide them with the solution they need.

Positive User Experience

Positive User Experience

Ensuring the customer has a positive user experience is our top priority. At OBS we are flexible and adaptable to ensure we cater to your customisation needs.

We are the official support members for DTVKit


We are the official support member for DTVKit; we have a proven reputation in the industry for providing bespoke support packages to help integrate DTVKit to your chosen solution.

Large quantities of our DVB solution have been deployed globally

Deployed Globally

Over 15 years ago Ocean Blue Software was created, and from then we have created and deployed our solutions globally.

Faster Time to Market

Faster Time to Market

Let us save you time, money and resources by doing all the hard work for you. Our solution guarantees to get you to market faster, allowing you to be one step ahead of your competitors.


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