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OBS teams up with Nagra and Broadcom

Ocean Blue Software (OBS), in cooperation with Nagra and Broadcom, has extended the DVB in Android integration, required to support Nagra conditional access.

OBS Upgrades the DTVKit DVB Support to Android P Treble Compliance

We have extended the DVB for Android integration to make it compatible with the Android P Treble architecture and donated it to DTVKit. As an active and founding member of DTVKit, OBS has a long track record of improving the DTVKit code base and donating those assets back to the DTVKit community. Starting with the […]

SES Industry Days
SES Industry Days 2019

Well, we made it back from the SES Industry Days 2019 in Luxemburg and, as always, it was an exciting two days catching up with the latest developments in the industry as well as friends and colleagues…

DTG Summit Overview

OBS attended the DTG Summit in London yesterday. As always it was an excellent opportunity to get an insight into the latest trends in the UK digital TV market. It was great to learn more about the issues that are affecting it today, and catch up with industry colleagues and customers.

SES Industry Days
OBS will be attending SES Luxembourg 2019

This year we will be attending SES Industry Days 2019 in Luxembourg. SES will be taking place on the 14th-15th of May in the Luxembourg Congress. It will see representatives from over 130 countries sharing their latest and innovative products…

The Future of Android TV

In the past few years, Android TV has been the hot topic in the DTV industry; it has quickly transformed the direction of our industry, everyone wants a piece of the very popular Android TV pie. Businesses are quickly trying to adapt their roadmap and strategy to ensure that they are tapping into this rapidly growing market…

Ocean Blue Software 2019 Roadmap

2018 saw the continuation of our Android TV journey; we successfully integrated DTVKit into Android TV and becoming the Android TV support members for DTVKit, alongside HARMAN. We successfully implemented a reference stack for CI Plus 1.4 ECP, and we collaborated with SERAPHIC to demonstrate an HbbTV 2.0.1 solution for Android-powered TV’s and STB’s…

“OBS’s domain knowledge in DTVKit, HbbTV and UI technologies, complemented our own software team and was key in helping us to bring the Saorview Connect product to market.”