Wave UI

Wave is a reference UI implementation for DTV and STB, that can be easily customised to meet the end product requirements.
Complete with reference screens for all standard features required by an STB, or DTV

Live TV with:

  • Volume up/down
  • Mute
  • Channel up/down

Information for:

  • Present and Following Events
  • Detailed Short Event Descriptors
  • Extended Event Descriptions
  • Scheduled Events

Menu Structure for:

  • Channel List
  • Settings (AV Output, Language etc.)
  • Electronic Programme Guide

Wave is easily customised and ported to any STB or DTV platform that supports a web browser. Written in HTML/JS/CSS and leveraging the JQueryUI libraries, the Wave reference UI is compatible with the majority of modern browsers. Straightforward to change the look and feel, customise existing screens, or add additional screens for features such as VOD portal, Network configuration, CI+, Media Playback, etc.

Flow UI

The Flow UI is a fully featured native DTV UI designed to give the best user experience on platforms where resources are at a premium. Developed by OBS, Flow has been contributed to the DTVKit community and serves as the main reference application. Accordingly the Flow UI supports all the core features of the DTVkit DTV software stack including:

  • First Time Installation (FTI) screens.
  • Live TV with volume up/down, mute,channel up/down and direct channel number entry.
  • Information for Now/Next and detailed programme description.
  • Channel List
  • Settings (AV output, Language, etc.)
  • Programme Guide
  • DVR features: Impulse recording, Scheduled recording, timeshift

Written in C, the Flow UI can be customised to meet the customer’s look and feel requirements, and compiles to a low footprint (exact size depends on the assets used). The Flow UI is freely available to DTVKit members, or under commercial license from OBS.


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