CI Plus Host Library

CI Plus (CI+) is a technical specification that is an extension to the proven DVB common interface standard (DVB-CI). The CI Plus forum finalised the initial specification in June 2008, allowing for secure delivery of pay-TV services to CI-Plus compatible CE devices such as set-top boxes and integrated Digital TVs (iDTVs).

CI Plus Module Version 1.4

Version 1.4 of the CI Plus specification will be mandated for all new host verifications from July 2017. This version has added several key feature enhancements, including:

  • Better support for IPTV and OTT services
  • Addition of features so that HbbTV applications can be deployed
  • Improved multi-stream handling

OBS has implemented the necessary changes to support this standard with many of our customers working on products for certification. The modifications affect the OBS CI Plus, CI+ browser (available as a platform agnostic, standalone module) and the Sunrise DVB (which can be supplied with the fully integrated CI Plus stack and CI+ browser.)

The Components

CI Plus Host Library

OBS’s CI+ Content Control System introduces a secure link between the Common Interface Conditional Access Module (CICAM) and host, enabling high value content to be encrypted. It provides additional security, a browser and copy protection. The CI specification interconnects a CAM and digital TV receiver (the ‘host’) so that any encryption system can be used in the receiver. CI+ strengthens the original specification to combat piracy and enforce a relationship of trust between the host and the smartcard.

CI+ Browser

OBS can also supply the Voyager MHEG-5 CI+ browser for host machines, including set-top boxes and televisions.

CI Plus Architecture

Conditional Access and DVB Common Interface

Our entire DVB-based products fully support smartcard conditional access (DVB-CA) systems and DVB Common Interface (DVB-CI) for PPV functionality. Our CI Plus Host Library can be supplied either on its own or fully integrated with our Sunrise DVB.